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Partnering with our clients to help them build strong leadership teams to ensure the success of their business.

At SET Consulting we combine extensive market knowledge with our talent search and selection methodology to deliver to your exact requirements. You, our client, always comes first and our deep understanding of your needs will be reflected in the quality of the candidates we present.


Today’s leaders must optimise performance, drive innovation, and meet stakeholder demands. Our comprehensive industry and functional knowledge allow us to source the executives most suited to your current requirements.

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We maximise recruitment process efficiency by significantly reducing time to hire. We manage the recruitment process 100%, providing you with a series of back-to-back qualified candidate interviews. We also provide professional insights on the outcomes of the interviews.



Retrenchments are a reality – and can be a significant source of stress. Our comprehensive programme lets you focus on your core business while we help your employees find new employment, protect your reputation, and ensure both parties are looked after ethically and legally.

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SET Consulting is committed to managing our candidates from the moment they accept an offer to work for you. We continue as their main point of contact, keeping in regular touch with them to ensure issues are dealt with as they arrive, you get feedback about any concerns, and they are motivated to give of their best for your organisation. This service is provided by trained specialists and is free of charge.

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SET Consulting works across South Africa, Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We assist with all aspects of immigration and relocation: visas, permits, compliance and expat relocation support. We also train expats to better understand the culture of their new countries, helping them adjust and make their assignments a success. We have a joint venture partner, a specialist immigration and relocation services company, to provide these services.

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SET Consulting offers an Employer of Record (EOR) solution that supports companies operating in Africa with outsourced solutions to deploy their staff or hire new staff across the continent quickly by providing Outsourced Employment, Immigration & HR payroll solutions, even if you don’t have a legal entity in the country of operations. We offer full Medical, Disability & Life Insurance across all of Africa under one umbrella for locals & expatriates. We can support your operations in over 50 African Countries to deliver a quick and compliant solution, hiring your personnel in-country on your behalf but with you the client having full management control.

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Recruitment sectors we service

  • Financial Services
  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • FMCG/ Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining/ Metals
  • Construction/ Engineering
  • Government
  • Education
  • Logistics/ Export
  • Property
  • Energy/Power/ Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare

Recruitment methodology we use

We source candidates in a variety of ways, including:

  • Obtaining referrals from internal contractors, permanent staff, and clients
  • Advertising in print media, specialised industry magazines and internet job portals
  • Various social media platforms
  • Only suitably skilled candidates are interviewed while the remainder are cross matched to see if they fit similar roles.

We check all qualifications, including secondary and tertiary, both domestic and international:

  • Identification validation and verification checks
  • Fraud listing check
  • Criminal check
  • ITC credit check
  • Competency-based and character reference checks on the last two work histories
  • Professional affiliation membership verification
  • Validation of the candidate’s salary and benefits
  • Work permit validation

Skills shortages make talent retention crucial, and we help our clients identify and retain key employees. Our retention methodology includes initiatives to encourage learning and development. Our in-house community management department focusses on researching and applying the latest selection and induction practices. This ensures candidates are not only prepared for the new challenges they have accepted but that they are supported and monitored in delivering the best they have to offer to their new employer.

CV Consolidation & Response Handling

As part of our Value-Added Services, we also offer a CV Consolidation/ Response Handling Service which has added excellent value to our clients and provided them with peace of mind and shorter lead times during the recruitment process. This service includes the longlisting, shortlisting of candidates, interviewing, conducting background checks, etc.

Psychometric Testing

 SET Consulting offers Psychometric Assessments through a 3rd party service provider. A wide variety of assessment tools and solutions, from basic to comprehensive Psychometric Assessments will help you to better understand if a candidate is the right fit for your business based on their Cognitive Capability and Potential, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Competency Potential, Skills set, Personality Preferences and Literacy.

Graduate Programme

We have a Graduate Training Programme each year. We hire Graduates straight out of University and offer full training. The training consists of Recruitment; the cycle from start to finish, Sales and Negotiation training, building, and managing client relationships. Once the Programme is completed, the Graduates will have the option to go permanent and continue with Recruitment or we would assist them in finding employment with clients.