Talent search and selection

We source candidates in a variety of ways, including:

  • obtaining referrals from internal contractors, permanent staff and clients
  • advertising in print media, specialised industry magazines and internet job portals

Only suitably skilled candidates are interviewed while the remainder are cross-matched to see if they fit similar roles.


Candidate checks

We check all qualifications, including secondary and tertiary, both domestic and international:

  • identification validation and verification checks
  • fraud listing check
  • criminal check
  • ITC credit check
  • competency-based and character reference checks on the last two work histories
  • professional affiliation membership verification
  • validation of the candidate’s salary and benefits
  • in cases where applicants are not South African citizens but have work permits, these are validated.

To save you time, we only send the top three CVs to the client. Successful candidates are informed and an offer extended. If the candidate does not accept, we review the remaining two CVs with you and, if necessary, may start the process again.


Talent retention

We have a high performance culture driven by our values and all-inclusive approach to performance management. Our talent retention methodology:

  • encourages learning and development initiatives that are key to an individual’s development; we offer technical training updates to our employees and contractors are welcome to attend these sessions
  • ensures we engage in regular conversations with you as well as the assigned contractor and document the feedback in our central electronic database. This input is used as feedback for coaching contractors, so that they are guided to reach their potential at work and in their careers.


Benefits administration

You benefit from our dedicated HR department which assists with all employee-related enquiries or issues, including:

  • leave management and remuneration processing
  • payslips
  • CCMA cases
  • employee wellness programmes

What our clients say:

  • “I enjoy SET Secondments’ professional approach as they take time to fully understand a client's needs thus presenting very suitable candidates for consideration. They are easily accessible to their clients and offer great advice when requested.”